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Lakeland University

Athletic program's recruiting material.


While other large division 1 programs were investing more in developing more attractive and compelling graphics for recruiting incoming prospects, we saw an opportunity to create something similar. With Lakeland's attendance was 70% athletes, this was important to create a campaign that stood out from other schools.


Using a combination of my own photography and numerous different ideas for conception, we came across a compelling campaign that would draw the attention of potential athletic students.


Photoshop  |  Lightroom  |  Illustrator  |  Photography  

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This campaign was a mix of printed recruiting advertisements and digital pieces to send directly to recruits that were potentially interested in playing at Lakeland.

Originally, we wanted to create a recruitment campaign with student's names on the back of actual jersey's, but this presented a big problem. With students having different body types, skin tones etc. it was going to be too much trouble to photograph that many different students for the templates. 

We then turned to the locker image as the recruitment template and the actual athletes for the advertisement material. This included brochures for each sport, digital ads, and other printed materials.

Athletic Recruiting Materials_Page_1.jpg
Athletic Recruiting Materials_Page_2.jpg

An example of where the generic athlete advertisement used here in the women's basketball recruitment brochure.


Photoshop & Photography  

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