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K. Hackl Pattern

A colorful surface pattern designer located in Appleton, WI.

In the world of busy patterns, simple was her main focus. She wanted it to be clean, colorful, and represent her style as a designer. The plant in the icon is a motif used in one of her patterns, so it doesn't get more personal than that!

With a new brand, she needed everything else a small business needs: A website, stationery, apparel, package photography, and professional headshots.


K. Hackl Logo Explorations-01.png

Combining motifs from the patterns she creates and her personal handwriting we explored many options that felt personal to her own designs while reflecting a refined personal brand.

In the end, we used a floral design, due to the many patterns she creates that are among similar likeness.

K. Hackl Logo blue icon_K. Hackl Icon Bl
K. Hackl Logo Color Explorations-01.png
K. Hackl Logo Display-06-06.png
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